Before heading towards on the topic of Education or being an Educated l’d like to ask you all a simple question as what do you have to say for being an educated? Just having your graduation degree of your colleges or university. Is that so? Is it enough to be so called an educated person? Does that your degree defines your education? Or is it enough for being an educated? Sorry to all the certified degree holder that who have been egoistic for being an educated on the basis of your degree rather than i would judge you as egoistic and uncivilised instead of marking you as an educated because who have not known the reality till now….. Education can not only be taken from books only but also can be obtain from our day to day journey or from our daily activities as life is all about learning new things. Making yourself stronger,shaper step by step for betterment of your future. The reason i made this blog on the topic “Educated” is that I have found many people who have been discriminating to other poor people who were lack of certified degree as compared to them and I found it very unfair as Nobody has the right to discriminate someone like that. Don’t you all agree with me? Being an educated is that having positives mind with open heart for the society,sharing positive vibes to the people not the one as i’ve mentioned earlier the people who has been egoistic for being an educated. If someone is lack of some knowledgeable thing and you know about it than teach them share it with them instead of discriminating them for no reason. Life is too short my people share your love and support each other nothing is permanent everything will get ended at the end so be good to everyone till you take in your last breathe. Be the glowing light in the darkness, be like the sunshine which always keeps shining giving energy to every one with no discrimination. Try to be positive vibes for the society just don’t mess your image because of your ego.choose wisely live your life happily… .



What does the religion mean to you? Being Christian, being hindu or being Muslim etc. I always use to think in several ways as I asked many elders about it I thought they could clarify my confusion about religion or being religious but no one could answer or I never got satisfied with their answer. As I grew older day after day and still i desperately wanted to know about it finally my heart began to answer my strange n awkward questions and finally I went with my inner voice or we use to call it” Dil ki Suno” as I came to know that religion doesn’t defines your reality or from which cast or religion you belong from….. The thing that matters is how you represent yourself towards your society.In Same way being religious is next to being human. Everyone here is for ownself only but they never bother to look after others who are in need of support the main thing i am trying to say is being religious means not only worshworshipping your God. With whole heartedly or with your full dedication it’s just useless until n unless you start caring for others no matter where they belong from be genuine with whole heartedly that’s what being religious means.. Be helping hands for the society without any discrimination, share love, share knowledge you have learned…change the evil thoughts with your positive vibes. Lastly I wanna say, that life is too short to keep worrying about your sorrows live happily and make others too.Everything will get ended at the end so be good to everyone till you take in your last breathe🤗